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Roisin Heycock


'I consider Roisin the magic woman, because of how dramatically she changed my writing life. Thank you, Roisin! You made my life a better place and I almost envy anyone who gets to work with you!’ Andrew Clover, author and scriptwriter


‘What a pleasure it was to be able to work with Roisin!  The joy wasn't just the expert notes I received, which swiftly improved the work; what I liked best was the comfort of having an industry expert, who was rooting for me.  Thank you, Roisin!  I would fight ten strong men in your honour!  I would wrestle beasts!’ 



'I was lucky enough to have my debut novel in Roisin's capable hands. She's has great vision and insight, is always supportive and a delight to work with.'



‘I found Roisin’s structural comments to be incisive and perceptive, resulting in a much tighter manuscript. She is very supportive and contactable, encouraging me professionally and attending my author events. Roisin is organised and approachable – I feel lucky to have worked with her.’ 




In The Press

I have 15 years' experience in trade publishing where I rose to publishing director at Quercus and Hachette. I set up the multi-award winning Quercus Children’s Books, which developed bestselling and prize-winning talents including Cat Clarke (Carnegie Medal Nominee), Piers Torday (Guardian Prize), Gregory Hughes (Teenage Book Prize, Guardian Prize shortlist) and Louise O’Neill (Bookseller YA Prize).​


I have also commissioned for Faber & Faber, Macmillan Children’s Books and Oneworld. At those companies, I have been lucky to work with talents such as Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler, Ricky Gervais and David Roberts.


What I bring to your work is the wider vision and commercial knowledge that comes with many years at the top of my industry, combined with a detailed engagement with your text. I still love getting to grips with a new manuscript! I have been shortlisted three times for the Branford Boase Award for editing and I’ve worked for Golden Egg Academy.




A bespoke editorial service that suits your book and you as a writer

'I was lucky enough to have my debut novel in Roisin's capable hands. She has great vision and insight, is always supportive and a delight to work with.'

Cat Clarke, bestselling and award-winning author of Entangled, Torn, Undone and The Lost and the Found

  • Structural and development editing      

  • Industry and market advice

  • Advice on query letters

  • For self-published writers: cover copy advice and cover design advice

Structural and development editing

An in-depth edit that encompasses structure, character and style. This report will be tailored to your particular writing needs and where you are in the editorial process.


An overall editorial strategy informs each book report. This might be to brainstorm a new idea to give the book that edge that a publisher is looking for; a tightened plot; a focus on character that is missing from the book; a refocus to make the book more sellable in the current market.



Industry experience and market strategy

Every piece of advice is backed up by 15 years' experience in the trade, working for publishers such as Macmillan, Faber & Faber, Hachette and Oneworld. I know literary genres inside out, what works and what publishers are looking for. My experience is up-to-the-minute as I recently commissioned for a leading independent publisher. A development editor’s advice isn’t properly useful unless it is backed up by hard experience of the real publishing world. I have excellent and ongoing industry contacts.



What else can I bring?

An instinct for a good story and how to make your burgeoning idea or book into a good story.


I love seeing the kernel of talent in a writer and helping to nourish it in a fruitful way and in the right direction, both in a literary and commercial sense.


I enjoy working with authors to craft new avenues and ideas if their novel is ‘stuck’ or in need of fresh energy.


I have years of experience editing top authors under my belt.


A commitment to a long-term writing strategy and a long-term publishing vision for your writing so you can build a career book by book.

Editorial Services


If you are a writer, publisher or agent and would like to use my services, please contact me for a quote or further information at:


My fees are lower if you contact me on the email above rather than by third party platforms.

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